LG unveils Digital Signage Broadcasting and pocket photo mobile printer for Kenya

LG unveils Digital Signage Broadcasting and pocket photo mobile printer for Kenya

Josep Kim, managing director,LG Electronics East Africa

LG Electronics East Africa unveiled two products for the Kenyan market today, in a bid to take advantage of digital migration and increasing demand for smartphone accessories.

The new signage technology will allow business owners to create and run their own messages and graphics on the TV screen alongside the normal live broadcast, which enables businesses to manage adverts and information to their customers and entertain them at the same time.

The LG ezsign TV television offers both full TV screen and full signage screen or a percentage of both at the same time. The technology offers space for both broadcast TV screen and space for user created contents.

LG also introduced the digital signage for outside broadcasting and advertising, which will be used at airports, petrol stations and highways.

Speaking at the launch today, Josep Kim, LG Electronics East Africa managing director, said EZSign TV is the first LG digital signage solution to incorporate live TV without additional hardware.

“It is a turnkey solution that offers business owners an intuitive and cost-effective digital signage display system with the added feature of broadcast television,” said Kim.  

The company also launched the pocket photo smart mobile printer device that allows smartphone users to print photos from their phone galleries instantly.

The photos are printed wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection or the “just tag” technology for Android.

“Users can wirelessly print smartphone photos whenever, wherever,” Kim added.

“Even without PCs or cables, you can print memorable photos just by pressing the send button. With Bluetooth and NFC support, Pocket Photo can quickly print your photos with no cable necessary wherever you are.”

The new product from LG will be relying on business trends in digital signage and audio-visual communication in banks, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, banks, entertainment spots and other social places.

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