Orange Uganda launches LTE network

Orange Uganda launches LTE network

Orange Uganda has launched its 4G LTE network, making it the third operator to do so in the East African country.

Orange joins MTN and Smile Communications in launching an LTE network.

“The fourth generation internet is the fastest that Ugandans need. The one we have been having – the third generation – was slower,” The Observer reported Godfrey Kisekka, Orange Uganda chief technical officer, saying.

The service can be accessed in all major towns across the country, but the cost of the service has not been made public yet.

The network however, will only be accessible via LTE enabled devices, and prices are expected to be high.

Kisekka added the high cost of data in the country is because of the high tariffs companies in Kenya charge for using their fibre.

“Uganda being a landlocked country, Kenyan’s (high) charges have an effect on the final cost of the internet,” Kisekka explained.

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