A fraction of Gauteng motorists will pay maximum monthly e-toll cost – SANRAL

A fraction of Gauteng motorists will pay maximum monthly e-toll cost – SANRAL

According to the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL), a fraction of motorists using the roads upgraded by the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) will pay the maximum monthly e-tolling cost, of which ZAR450 (US$45.5) is capped for registered users.

The roads agency said they based their statement on actual data collected from its toll collection system, which was conducted over the course of two months.

“So much for the scare stories that have been doing the rounds. If you are one of those paying the maximum amount, you will have travelled through 301 gantries and done an average of 2,760 kilometers during the month of the e-tolled roads,” said Vusi Mona, spokesperson for SANRAL.

“If not [registered], it will cost almost double,” added Mona.

According to SANRAL’s data through registration number plates recognition, 82.83 per cent will pay less than ZAR100 (US$10.1) while 0.59 per cent will pay between ZAR300 (US$30.3) and ZAR450.

“Public transport operators can apply for exemption; visitors from outside Gauteng will have to pay toll; duplicate or cloned number plates will be picked [up] by the e-toll system because an e-tag is registered to one number plate only.”

“Register, it’s an easy thing to do and will save you money,” concluded Mona.

However, Ian Ollis, shadow minister of transport for the Democratic Alliance (DA), pointed out the fact that the Administrative Adjudication of Road Offences (AARTO) only managed to collect 12.19 per cent of the fines issued since 2008 is more evidence e-tolling in Gauteng will not work.

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