Farren Roper leaves FNB

Farren Roper leaves FNB

Farren Roper has resigned from his job as head of Connect ISP and business operations at South Africa’s First National Bank (FNB), revealing plans to embark on entrepreneurship.

Roper will leave the bank after five years of serving in areas of legal, risk and compliance prior to his appointment in the business operation department and Connect ISP.

His most recent contributions to FNB include new product and mobile application development.

While no explicit details are revealed about Roper’s exact future occupation, FNB’s statement hints he will be proceeding towards “a great opportunity in the telecoms space”.

Leaving the company on good terms , he plans “to pursue an entrepreneurial venture that can’t yet be discussed”.

HumanIPO reported yesterday on former FNB CEO Michael Jordaan’s appointment as chairperson of the board of directors at Mxit.

Roper’s responsibilities will be taken over by the employees currently working at FNB Mobile and Connect

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