Spectranet to expand 4G service in more cities

Spectranet to expand 4G service in more cities

Nigerian internet service provider (ISP) Spectranet has said it is planning to launch its high speed 4G internet services to more cities across the country in the first quarter of 2014.

HumanIPO reported last week Spectranet had released the prices for its LTE services in  the capital Abuja, having already deployed in Lagos.

Services are expanded to launch in other cities, including Kano, Ibadan and Kaduna, starting next year.

Speaking at a meeting with Huawei, Atul Ojha, chief operating officer (COO) at Spectranet, said the company is currently undertaking the expansion process in Ibadan, with others to follow subsequently.

“The response to this service has been relatively very good. The experience of the consumers has been very exciting, the speed the consumer is getting, reliability of service available and the experience on the devices that the consumer is having are all really very satisfactory,” Ojha said, as reported by This Day.

Ojha said it was necessary to embrace 4G LTE technology since even with multiple technologies being made available for the consumer to access the internet, such as GSM, CDMA and Wimax, 4G is the ultimate technology.

“4G is better because the customer can experience higher bandwidth which will not be possible on the other networks, with 4G, the internet user will be able to do the same amount of work in a lesser time.”

Spectranet migrated from Wimax technology to 4G LTE technology in August this year.

“We have demonstrated our commitment by migrating from Wimax, otherwise we were running perfectly on the Wimax technology, but we have to migrate because we wanted to ensure that our customer’s service is not compromised,” Ojha said.


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